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Rhino Premier, an online stock market training platform dedicated to teaching beginners to trade stocks and shares like
professionals, has announced the launch of its new interactive stock market training program.

The announcement of the launch of Rhino Premier’s new online stock market training program will be of interest to
anyone interested in learning how to become a successful day trader.
Rhino Premier’s day trading training platform for beginners was developed by Wall Street professional Anthony Robert
Calascione. After completing his post-grad degree in behavioral science, Anthony was recruited to one of the most
prestigious investment banking firms on Wall Street and quickly became one of the United States’ top five investment
In 2011, Anthony's team helped raise $304,000,000 for Facebook, allowing the then private company to go public.
During his time on Wall Street, Anthony helped create a lot of wealth for a lot of already wealthy people but ultimately
didn't find the process very rewarding. He never felt comfortable serving the highest bidder and sought to rebalance by
empowering ordinary people to learn how to buy and sell stocks and shares like his wealthy clients.
Rhino Premier's mission is to create financial freedom for its members and unshackle a population that was never given
financial literacy education. As a result, members will go from never having touched a stock before to regularly profiting
while learning.